No More Travel For You, but Have Some Cheese!

This is TIC TEK TOE, episode 019. Marcel and Evan start out discussing cheese and its precursor, milk, move on to meat, including the plant based alternatives, Incredible Burger and Beyond Meat, after which Evan does his best to alienate GMO’s foes. Moving on to a discussion of ultra-violence on TV with shows like Preacher and The Boys, the two slip into anime and video games. From there, it’s VR, the end of business travel as we know it, including conference SWAG, open source virtual reality, and a teaser about an upcoming discussion where Marcel will point out why Evan just does not even begin to understand how intelligent technology is supposed to work. On, and Marcel coins a new word, “Ostimates“, a combination of “Optimistic” and “Estimates.” Make sure you use it everywhere! Finally, please support our little podcast by telling others about it and leaving us a rating wherever you find your podcasts. Thanks for listening!

Links From The Show

PREACHER and ultra violence, The BOYS, Watchmen, Pulp Fiction, etc. 

One Punch Man, the Anime series, including the video game.

The Oculus Quest 2 has arrived

SpatialvSpatial, Immersed, and Facebook’s own version/vision

The Logitech VR supported keyboard (no, we aren’t being paid by Logitech, unless that is, they want to pay us).

Vircadia, an open source VR metaverse