Month: September 2019

  • Stallman Resigns, Huawei does Linux, Deepin

    Tic Tek Toe, episode 002 : In this episode, Evan and Marcel discuss the recent events surrounding Richard Stallman resigning from both M.I.T. and the Free Software Foundation. We also […]

  • Hell Freezes Over, Linux Journal Goodbye, lilocked

    This is TIC TEK TOE, episode 001. In this, the first episode, Evan and Marcel discuss the signs that hell has frozen over as Richard Stallman speaks at Microsoft. They […]

  • Welcome to Tic Tek Toe!

    Marcel Gagne and Evan Leibovitch riff on Linux, Open Source, computers, technology, privacy, the digital economy, movies, video games, the Internet, security, breakfast cereal, and anything else related to the […]