Not that virus, Restaurants, Stupid Government Oversight, Star Trek, Picard, Bad Science, and Alcohol

This is TIK TEK TOE, Episode 011. In this episode, Evan finally returns from a bout with a virus, but not that Virus, even though three weeks before, he was in China, in that part of China. We also talk about how to track said virus, restaurant ambiance, stupid government laws regarding privacy and copyright, social media alternatives, the new Star Trek series, “Picard,” being guilty until proven innocent, wrestling, bad science, and alcohol consumption.¬†

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Links for today’s show

Corona Tracker app on Android

First Mexican victim of Corona virus (meme)

Section 230 (Lindsay Graham and Richard Blumenthal push)
EFF sees it as an assault on ‘freedom on the Internet
GDPR, Article 17 (formerly 13)

Social media alternatives (MeWe and WT.Social)
– Tim Berners Lee is on the board of MeWe
– WT.Social is by the folks who brought you Wikipedia

F.B. Purity extension (cleans up Facebook, restores “newest post” order)

“The Good Place”

YouTube alternative, Vimeo

Botchamania, YouTube channel

Star Trek: Picard
Star Trek: Discovery
The DUNE books make a great comparison for the backlash against synthetics

Correction. The BORG cube is destroyed in the final battle of the movie, “Star Trek: First Contact,” but the BORG sphere and the Queen, are defeated at the end of Voyager (episode “Endgame”).

Aging brain booze study.

Adam ruins everything clip on bad science