Happy New Year maybe, VR games, Jumanji, RISCV, The Witcher, the Overnet, and the Future!

TIK TEK TOE, episode 009.  In this final episode of the decade, or at least, this year, Marcel and Evan riff on Christmas gifts, VR games, Jumanji, Open Hardware vs closed borders, The Witcher, and several other diversions. Somewhere in there, they reminisce over the last decade of free software, a free and open Internet (the Overnet), and lots of other things you really don’t want to miss. Oh, and Marcel learns about Gwen Stacy, or is it Gaven and Stacey?

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Additonal Notes & Links from the Show

Pearls and Swine for the New Year
Oculus GO, Quest, and VR
Video play of Daedalus in VR
Land’s End
Wander for Oculus
RISCV goes to Switzerland
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Jumanji : The Next Level
The Witcher on Netflix

Oh, and Gavin and Stacey’s Christmas special.