Dora, Ms. Frizzle, the Phillipines, Hardware, and Chimeras

TIK TEK TOE, episode 008. Marcel and Evan discuss Dora the Explorer, the Magic School Bus, how Adam ruins everything, Open Source in the Phillipines, the value of old hardware, consumer vs creator devices, licences (again) and .org (again). Cloud gaming makes another appearance and Marcel totally geeks out on the concept of human chimeras and how this might impact DNA evidence and even, wait for it, conciousness.

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Additonal Notes & Links from the Show

Dora and the Lost City of Gold (trailer) :
Dora, the “College Humor” skit :
Magic School Bus Live (fan made trailer) :
Adam Ruins Everything Magic School Bus Video :
(note that Adam is actually wrong on several points when it comes to Columbus, but it’s still funny)
.org revisited, including this NYT article :
VPN Linux vulnerabilities that aren’t :
Human Chimeras and DNA Evidence :

48:10December 13, 2019