Pikachu, FOSS Decade, .ORG vs Girl Scouts, Drake, and Perineum Sunning

TIK TEK TOE, episode 007. Marcel and Evan discuss Ryan Reynold’s continued redemption with Detective Pikachu, martial arts movies, VR arcades, whether a decade starts on a 0 or 1, what kind of decade FOSS has had, or is about to have had, the Internet Society and .ORG vs the Girl Scouts (our money is on the Girls Scouts), on-demand culture, Drake (yeah, that Drake), and perineum sunning. 

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Additonal Notes & Links from the Show

Girl Scouts protest sale of .ORG domain by the Internet Society

How Open Source Changed Everything — Again

VR arcades: my local one is called “Ctrl-V”

Drake Gets Booed Off Stage

Perineum Sunning and Why it’s a Bad Idea

And, no doubt, a bunch of things I’ve forgotten.